Phyllis and Harold is an astoundingly frank journey through a disastrous 59-year marriage. Drawing on a lifetime of her family's home movies and interviews made over 12 years, filmmaker Cindy Kleine mixes reportage, cinema verité and animation to uncover family secrets and tell a story that could not be shown publicly as long as her father was still alive. Phyllis and Harold delves into the mystery of time passing, the nature of living a life, and the challenges of losing those we love. But it is also a loving, funny exposé on the sins of suburbia. Imagine Bergman’s “Scenes From
a Marriage” seen through the prism of “I Love Lucy.”

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"...A masterpiece. It is devastating, true, sad, funny, and so moving that it
attracted several of my colleagues who wandered in the screening room and
couldn't leave. It's a new kind of cinematic DNA, ruthlessly honest,
carrying complicated and unsettling messages that won't long leave my brain
and gut."
 Ken Burns, filmmaker

"By turns alarming and riveting, Cindy Kleine's documentary is a memorable study of her parents' mutilated love: extraordinary news from the war zone of a toxic marriage." John Lahr, New Yorker Magazine